Thursday, May 31, 2018

Read Fam Road Trip : Day 6 Pacific Coast

If you've never driven the Pacific Coast Highway, do it now. Drop everything and start planning your trip. It is the most picturesque drive in the world. We stopped every 20 minutes to get out and take photos. It took us many, many hours to get to Eureka at which time we got Donuts instead of lunch. (Road trips, ya know?) I'm not entirely sure how many times we stopped or how long we drove but it was an adventure, to say the least. One stop that we captured was Chandelier Tree in Leggett, CA. You can drive through a redwood. Or, rather, you can try to drive through a redwood. The opening is 6'8" x 6' and I'll share a video later on whether or not a Ford Econoline fits. We also stopped at Trees of Mystery, the place with the enormous Paul Bunyan and Babe. I stopped here with my family when I was 12 and I still remember it well. 

We didnt have cell service so Google Maps didnt work. We didnt really know how far we had to go or where the next restaurant was. I was a little anxious about it but I gave it all up and enjoyed the ride, the unknown, the adventure of it all. It was actually really nice to turn off the devices and just take it all in. Even the boys obliged. No screen time until we hit I-5 at Grants Pass. It was a really sweet day. 

Everyone, even Ronan and Liam, want to do this trip again. We keep talking about how "next time" we want to stay here or do this or that. It's been a wonderful trip. We're now showered and well fed and spending the next two weeks with friends and family before making the trip back home to Nashville. 

ALSO: We've been taking video and plan to make a little mini-doc about the trip. 

Inside a hollowed out Redwood
Chandelier Tree at Leggett, CA

Trying to keep these boys entertained on a 14 hour drive.

Donut Mill, Eureka, CA
We love Big Green!

Trees of Mystery, Redwood Forest

Hidden Beach, CA

Hidden Beach

Hello, Portland!

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