Sunday, May 20, 2018

National EMS Week

It's National EMS Week and I have an untold story that is so dear to my heart.

Our boy wants to be a police officer, EMT or fire fighter. He is only 6 but I know he can do it. He loves to help others and has such a tender heart inside of him, to save and to rescue. He is alive today because of EMS workers - and not how you'd think. 

This morning, on the way to school, we were talking about the future. He said he wants to drive an ambulance and rescue people from fires. I talked to him about his "first parents" and how they had to call an ambulance to get to the hospital so he could be born somewhere safe. He was quiet. I asked him what he was thinking and he said he was thinking about saving people from fires. (He does not like to talk about his adoption, so we dont very much). I followed up with some praise about how brave he is and how much he is loved.

You see, our boy's first parents didn't have a car. They lived in a dirty garage. They called an ambulance when she went into labor. There were many, man red flags about the situation but there was no sign (yet) of abuse or neglect. So the nurses, for all I know, did their job to care for birth mom and baby. It was, in fact, the EMTs who called child protective services (CPS) and not the Labor and Delivery nurses. The EMTs called CPS because of the condition of the home. I'm not sure if they went inside to help birth mom get into the ambulance. I'm not sure what they saw or why this house, these people, or this situation stood out from the countless other homes they visited. One of them, an angel, reported that it was dirty and unfit for a newborn baby. This was September in the Pacific Northwest. Not warm, but not yet cold. I'm told they were living in a garage that did not have heating. It was damp and cold when a social worker would drive them there when Liam and his first mother were discharged from the hospital. His first parents had just moved into this place 2 weeks before his arrival.

I am forever indebted to these EMTs. Without them, my son, our little Liam, may not be alive. He could have gone home to freeze or starve in that garage. 

God Bless EMTs. I would be thrilled if our boy chose that career path.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Total Eclipse 2017

The eclipse was incredible! And it truly was dark, like dusk, for 2 whole minutes. Ronan slept through it all but we enjoyed some backyard shenanigans, moon treats, a firecracker and plenty of insta-stories. The city pretty much shut down. School was closed and lots of people took the day off. It was a magical day and we had a blast. I wonder how we'll celebrate the next one?

Monday, July 10, 2017

We're Moving In

When we set out to find a home, we were not sure what we really wanted. We had spoken with a realtor and mortgage broker but our search hadn't started. We were all over Zillow and Redfin. All the time. One day, in January, Dan sent me a link to a house that was listed as a 2 bed 1 bath and I replied with something like : "Too small. I'm not even going to look." and he was like, "Trust me. Just look." Low and behold this little house was [literally] the cheapest house in Nashville. It was 3 miles from's Liam's school and it actually had 3 bedrooms, 2 dining rooms and a sunroom. It was a foreclosure so I asked our realtor about it. She told me we had 4 days to make a bid. Dan wouldnt get to see it because he was returning home in 5 days (of course). So, I took a look and I liked it! We made a big. A generous bid, 18% above asking price - but still the cheapest house in Nashville :) We found out the next day (Dan still hasn't seen it) that we won! It was ours. It was a long, long, long process for reasons I wont get into but on May 12, 2017 this little diamond in the rough was ours! We've spent the past 2 months tearing out walls, painting, mudding, tiling and we're still no where near being done but we've decided to move in. We have a refrigerator in our guest room and there's literally no floor in the dining room but we can make it work. We're soooo excited! Here are some of our before and during photos. 

The first photo I took of the house - the only day it snowed in 2017.

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