Wednesday, December 28, 2016


I end every year pretty much the same way: addicted to sugar, addicted to shopping and desperate to get back into a routine. I admit that I enjoy starting afresh but I also hate when Christmas ends. Our homes look barren when the tree and lights come down. Our bank accounts are empty, our refrigerators are empty and we ourselves can sometimes feel empty. Part of me wants every day to feel like Christmas; eating cookies with reckless abandon, giving gifts, singing carols, not a care in the world. I walked around downtown Nashville with my sweet little family on December 26th and I fought the sadness with hope and anticipation for the new year. I have goals for our family and for my business. They motivate me; they give me life. I have one resolution, something I've been working on ever since we embarked on this new way of life, when we paid off our debt and started living on a [much] smaller budget. I resolve to no longer worry about our finances because God has proven, over and over and over, that not only will our needs be met but He wants us to have the desires of our heart. I'm going into the new year incredibly grateful for all God has done for my family, every trial and every joy. I also resolve to let Liam take more pictures. He's amazing!

Photos by : Dan and Liam. Madelines and Cappuccino by : Headquarters. Photos taken in Sylvan Park, Nashville, TN.

Friday, October 21, 2016


Dan and I have loved thrifting together since before we were together. We were definitely in that early 2000s quirky T-shirt phase for a while. (Maybe we still are.) But now I'm looking for quirky trends and vintage pieces to incorporate into my very basic wardrobe. So, when I saw these wide leg, high-waisted pants for $4 I thought, "Well here's an opportunity to try a trend without breaking the bank." These pants would work with heels and a fitted sweater, a crop top and clogs...Anything, really! Scroll down to see them paired with my white leather jacket. But for today, I threw on my new fall booties and the T-shirt that makes my eyes pop and BOOM. PHOTOSHOOT.

Guys, it's been a long time since I actually liked photos of myself. It's not the 10 lbs of baby weight or the postpartum skin marks and hair loss (ugh) but I just wasn't feeling too proud of myself. I wasn't feeling bad about myself but I also wasn't feeling good about myself either. I felt quirky... like these pants! Like, are they cool? Are they lame? Are they relevant or vintage? What are they doing with their lives?

I am these pants.

So, look at the happy lady in these photos. Sometimes new boots and weird pants are all it takes. Getting out with a friend to take pictures and sip a coffee is mood-changing for me. Sometimes even life-changing. I need to do it more, for sure.

T-shirt : H&M. Pants: thrifted. Coat: Free People. Boots: Lucky Brand (DSW). Photos by Blair McLeod.

I'm sure I'll get questions about my hair, too, so here's what's happening: Dan did my roots (as per usual these days because he's gotten so good at it!) and then a couple days later I put in Nordic Blonde with a lavender toner. I love the way it turned out!

Monday, October 10, 2016

A Letter to Ronan on His 1st Birthday

I just put you to bed on the night of your first birthday, in the crib next to your big brother's twin bed. You demanded cuddles by nuzzling into my chest as you pulled on your ear. Your room was dark and big brother rocked in the rocking chair nearby as I swayed back and forth to what Pandora was playing on the Sleepytime Tunes station that we love so much (a string quartets rendition of "Dont Stop Believing" perhaps?). All I could do was thank God for you. You were exactly what I prayed for, (and even if you hadn't been, and dont turn out to be, I'll still love you) a sweet baby, a happy boy. I've had babysitters and strangers actually thank me for you. Everyone adores you. You are our sunshine and our comic relief. You are such a gift to this family. You are a big one year old now but before you take too many steps on your own and start growing up way too fast, I'll cherish these moments when I'm rocking you to sleep. I love you, Roney.

Happy birthday! and many morrrrre...

Love, Mama

Saturday, October 08, 2016

Ronan's 1st Birthday

Our baby turns one on Monday! He got to eat cake twice this weekend because we had family in town that couldn't stay for his little party today. He shied away from most of his guests but he was prayed for and doted on and MAN we just have such a great community here. Also, Meema and Papa got Ronan this AWESOME motorcycle and he wasn't quit ready for it. Here's a photo of him on said motorcycle. He wasn't excited about his cousin and his big brother pushing him around on it. I think Dan captured it perfectly:

A Trip to the Beach

When we moved to Nashville two and a half years ago we had planned to travel more. With so many great cities and beaches just a drive away, the opportunities are endless. Only, we haven't done much traveling. Now that Liam is in full time school (M-F, 8a-2p) we decided to get out of town during his fall break. Nashville is slowly changing seasons but we weren't ready to give up summer. Ronan's birthday is just around the corner so when I sent out his birthday invite to some friends who lamented about missing it because they were in Florida.... I got on AirBnb. Well, they invited us first. I didn't invite myself. But we're so glad they did! They have 4 kids, we have 2, their father(in-law) had a big house with the BEST POOL, and we cooked together and beached together and it was just so fun. Definitely a great budget vacation. Airbnb is the absolute best. We all came back a little sunburnt and very tired. Our kids are beach-babies for sure. Florida, we'll be back!
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