Friday, June 22, 2018

The Sinner's Prayer

I was in college when I realized that "The Prayer" wasn't in the Bible. I remember feeling deceived. Offended, even. It seemed wrong that so much of my idea of Christianity was wrapped up in whether or not someone had prayed The Sinner's Prayer.

I havent heard anyone pray the prayer for a very, very long time. I thought that, maybe, it wasn't something we did anymore. Until I joined Daniel at some of the huge Christian music festivals and was surprised to hear many evangelist preachers leading thousands of people in one of the most important prayers one might ever pray in their life. Often it was awkward. Other times, it felt cheap and contrived. Sometimes, it felt powerful.

We pray the prayer to commemorate an action of our hearts. To make an occasion of it. Like taking traditional wedding vows, The Sinner's Prayer is a hymn or a mantra that has been spoken over and over again.

I started reading a children's Bible with my boys every night this week. To my surprise, both boys have loved it. I mean, it really is a wild an exciting story. We've made it through Adam and Eve, Noah, Moses, Joshua and now David. And tonight after a few questions, Liam said, with the most genuine sincerity that he loves God and wants to go to heaven.

What? Okay. 

We haven't even gotten to that part yet, dude. We're just reading about humanity failing over and over and God doing some powerful and really weird stuff. But somehow, he gets it. 

My passionate, loving boy. Tonight you gave your heart to the one true God. 

Welcome to the Kingdom, son.

and, okay, I guess "The Prayer" kind of is in the Bible...

Romans 10:9-10 

If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you profess your faith and are saved.

And then this song was on when I came downstairs after he fell asleep. 

Who am I that the highest King
Would welcome me?
I was lost but He brought me in
Oh His love for me
Oh His love for me
Who the Son sets free
Oh is free indeed
I’m a child of God
Yes I am
Free at last, He has ransomed me
His grace runs deep
While I was a slave to sin
Jesus died for me
Yes He died for me
Who the Son sets free
Oh is free indeed
I’m a child of God
Yes I am
In my Father’s house
There’s a place for me
I’m a child of God
Yes I am
I am chosen
Not forsaken
I am who You say I am
You are for me
Not against me
I am who You say I am

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The Recap

We did it.

Over 7,000 Miles.
20 Days.
16 States.
3 Dudes.
1 Mama.
1 Dog.

We saw Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois and Kentucky! (and Tennessee!)

We saw parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, uncles, aunts, great uncles and aunts.

We stayed in 3 state parks and saw the Grand Canyon.

We ate a ton of burgers.

We slept in tents and the van, on guest beds and air mattresses.

We didn't see or do everything we wanted to but we got pretty dang close. We miss our house and our chickens and our beds. The rest of the summer will be pretty quiet but hopefully the memories and fun will sustain us. Just 7 weeks until Liam starts 1st Grade and Ronan starts FOUR days of preschool. (How are they SO BIG?!)

Have a great summer, yall!

BBQ at Miss Linda and Grandpa Bryan's

New Mexico-Arizona Border.

Congratulations, Eric and Lori! Malibu, CA.

Golden Gate Bridge

Pacific Coast Highway

Portland, Oregon

My paternal great grandparents : GV and Sue

Dad (a.k.a. "Grandpa Bryan")

My nana and my sisters

Mariner's Game with Dave Niehaus
Go M's!

Jackson and Quinn

Pool Day with Uncle Casey and AA

Frozen Yogurt in Tigard, OR

Bailey, Mack and Merrick  (at Rob + Sara's) 

Kissing my boy in Portland, OR

Baghdad Theater in Portland, OR to see Solo

Our friend and host, Danielle

Washington Park Zoo. PDX.
Granna at the Zoo

Alex and Ben

Dear Friends and neighbors, Doug and Kim - at Matriarch in Tacoma, WA.

Great Grandpa John, Bryce and Karli with the boys

Somewhere in Utah

The Fam

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Read Fam Road Trip : Day 6 Pacific Coast

If you've never driven the Pacific Coast Highway, do it now. Drop everything and start planning your trip. It is the most picturesque drive in the world. We stopped every 20 minutes to get out and take photos. It took us many, many hours to get to Eureka at which time we got Donuts instead of lunch. (Road trips, ya know?) I'm not entirely sure how many times we stopped or how long we drove but it was an adventure, to say the least. One stop that we captured was Chandelier Tree in Leggett, CA. You can drive through a redwood. Or, rather, you can try to drive through a redwood. The opening is 6'8" x 6' and I'll share a video later on whether or not a Ford Econoline fits. We also stopped at Trees of Mystery, the place with the enormous Paul Bunyan and Babe. I stopped here with my family when I was 12 and I still remember it well. 

We didnt have cell service so Google Maps didnt work. We didnt really know how far we had to go or where the next restaurant was. I was a little anxious about it but I gave it all up and enjoyed the ride, the unknown, the adventure of it all. It was actually really nice to turn off the devices and just take it all in. Even the boys obliged. No screen time until we hit I-5 at Grants Pass. It was a really sweet day. 

Everyone, even Ronan and Liam, want to do this trip again. We keep talking about how "next time" we want to stay here or do this or that. It's been a wonderful trip. We're now showered and well fed and spending the next two weeks with friends and family before making the trip back home to Nashville. 

ALSO: We've been taking video and plan to make a little mini-doc about the trip. 

Inside a hollowed out Redwood
Chandelier Tree at Leggett, CA

Trying to keep these boys entertained on a 14 hour drive.

Donut Mill, Eureka, CA
We love Big Green!

Trees of Mystery, Redwood Forest

Hidden Beach, CA

Hidden Beach

Hello, Portland!

Read Fam Road Trip :

Day 1 OKC

Day 2 New Mexico

Day 3 The Grand Canyon

Day 4 California

Day 5 Pismo Beach and San Francisco

Day 6 Pacific Coast Highway and Oregon 

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