Sunday, May 27, 2018

Read Fam Road Trip : Day 2 OKC to Albuquerque

We were up at 6:30am. It was a humid morning. I took Indie for a run and Liam wanted to join. It was beautiful to see the sun coming up over the lake and Liam proclaimed his love for me, the trip, the lake and “everything” on our 1.5 mile jog. I ran another 1.5 on the main road. The area surrounding Stanley Draper Lake is … confusing. It looks like it’s being developed, but not with lake houses or restaurants. It looks like they’re building a greenway. We did see many long distance runners and bikers during our visit but otherwise the area is desolate. Super odd considering it’s Memorial Weekend.

We packed up camp and hit the road. The day was mostly boring and hot. Very hot. Amarillo was 100 degrees. It was sweltering and bone dry when we visited Cadillac Ranch. Spray paint cans littered the area and the boys scrambled to find working cans. Liam left his mark “ L - i - a - m” while Ronan did exactly what a 2 year old would do. Pick up cans and drop them. Liam and Ronan may have a future in graffiti art. That was not Dan’s intention for taking us there. 
Our campsite at Turquoise Trail was far less primitive than the night before, but, being a desert, the “free coin operated showers” were barely a trickle. At $15/night for flushing toilets and a dirty plot to lay our heads, I cant complain.

Today we’ll see Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon, two of my very favorite places on earth. I cant wait to share this with my family.

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