Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Read Fam Road Trip : Day 4 California

After sunset at the Grand Canyon, we continued west to Kingman, AZ and stayed in a motel on Route 66. We got cleaned up the next morning and back on I-40. We have a wedding to get to! One of Dan's dear friends from touring, a show promoter in Phoenix, was married at a California State Park on the coast. The reception was a catered affair at a group campsite. We brought our dog and our dirty kids to a wedding reception. How cool is that? 

We spent some time on the beach. It was in the high 60s, much cooler than our trip has been. I dressed the boys in the warmest clothes we brought. If we ever do this trip again (which we are talking about upgrading the van and doing this again in 4 years when Ronan "graduates" kindergarten) we want to come back to Leo Carillo State Park. 

Today, we are driving up Highway 1, taking in the sights of the ocean (it's too cold to swim), stopping for coffee in San Francisco and camping just south of the Redwood Forest.

Dawn at an empty campsite at Leo Carillo State Park

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