Thursday, May 31, 2018

Read Fam Road Trip : Day 5 California

My neat freak ways are impeding the joy a bit. I forgot how dusty campgrounds are. Like, if they could all be grassy or gravel (shoot, even pavement) I would be a fan. But when your 2 year old is sprinkling dust on his legs, his brother's afro and the dog, and your allergies are bugging you, you might freak out a little, too. Just me?

Day 5 was driving, lots of driving. Our only stops were Pismo Beach and San Francisco.

Pismo Beach was cloudy and quiet. We walked the dog and got a poke bowl. We were cold and we had lots of ground to cover so we kept driving.

We arrived in San Francisco around 4pm. We parked on Steiner, right by the Painted Ladies. We met some locals. We oohed and ahhed over this city. I haven't been since I was a teenager, (with Dan, at a youth conference, actually!) too young to truly appreciate its perfection. Maybe you disagree, but I loved San Francisco and if it were not so dang expensive I might move there in a heartbeat. I love a city with green space, so full of parks, walkways and bike paths. People were out enjoying the cool, sunny weather and it was electric. The Presidio and the Golden Gate Recreation Area are breathtaking. It's no wonder you cant live here for less than $1 Million.

We camped for our last night in Jackson Demonstration State Park. Dan researched this stop but we lost cell reception an hour before we got there so we weren't entirely sure we were in the right place. Gorgeous and desolate with winding roads, it was a great find. We got there and parked near the  OVERNIGHT CAMPING sign. However, at dawn, we discovered it said NO OVERNIGHT CAMPING, as seen below in the photo that Dan took the next morning. That explains why we couldn't find the payment and registration booth. Or why there was no running water. Whoops.

It was a chilly night but we slept very well. And the campground "Picnic Area" was grass. Praise the Lord! We were up at 6am and back on the road at 6:30 to the hit the PCH, the last leg of our trip.

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