Thursday, October 09, 2014

No Coincidence

I truly believe that there are no coincidences. Mundane details may seem just that but it's only later, in times of reflection, that you realize the bigger picture. You see that everything happens for a reason.

The placement coordinator at our private foster care agency was a friend of ours. When she received Liam's file she really wanted to call us but we had a trip to France planned and didn't want any "offers" until March. Unable to place him, she sent his file along and he went into a state home. A week later his file came back because the foster parent he had been placed with needed an emergency surgery and wouldn't be able to care for a baby. The placement coordinator could not deny this urge to pair us with this child. She called, we said yes, and the rest is history.

Did you know that my friend Ruthy and I picked a baby shower date in December of 2011? We chosea random Saturday in February: February 11, 2012. Once we sent out the invitations my friends and family flooded me with questions. How do we know what to buy? Do you know if it's a girl or a boy? Are you getting a newborn? What kinds of things do you need? The answer: I have no idea. We got the call about Liam on Tuesday and I picked him up on Wednesday, February 8, 2012. The baby shower was that Saturday. We emailed everyone that we were the proud parents of a 5 month old boy and he got everything he needed and then some.

There are far too many good adoption stories.

The scary stories get too much attention. Most of these stories are of reactive attachment disorder or rebellious teens. (Maybe someday Liam will resent us... I pray that he wont... but dont most teenagers resent their parents?)

I want to share more of Liam's story because I wasn't able to when he was still foster-child-status. I thank God for the coincidences that contribute to the miracle. I want to continue to share the good news of Liam's story. Fostering to adopt was the wildest thing we've ever done. It wasn't pretty or safe. It was stressful and complicated. It continues to be complicated. It might always be. I pray that it's not. I pray that our son is proud of his story, that he's proud of us and knows how much his parents (adoptive and biological) love him. We all did... and are doing... the best we can.


  1. Love that little guy so much. Miss you all tons.

  2. Love the photo of the 3 of you! And reading more about Liam's story.


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