Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Portrait of Motherhood

Dan snapped this the other day. I'm wearing his flannel shirt, three sizes too big, with unwashed hair and not a stitch of makeup. But, this is such a simple portrait of motherhood. Someday we might have more children but right now it's just the three of us. We're broke and happy and completely in love with each other and that's what I want to remember. This picture will remind me of the the 4 weeks (and counting) that Liam spent buck naked from the waist down in an effort to get him potty trained. I want to remember how small he was in my arms and that ear - to - ear grin. 

I love this portrait. Someday I want to frame it. 

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  1. And remember you will… I promise. When my boy was little, he loved for me to hold him just like you're holding your son.. all warm and cozy and snuggled up in my arms. Seeing this picture of the two of you, brings back how wonderful that felt and I think my heart just melted. Enjoy that little fellow of yours… They grow up way too fast! Mine is fifteen now and bigger than me… Blessings!


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