Friday, October 21, 2016


Dan and I have loved thrifting together since before we were together. We were definitely in that early 2000s quirky T-shirt phase for a while. (Maybe we still are.) But now I'm looking for quirky trends and vintage pieces to incorporate into my very basic wardrobe. So, when I saw these wide leg, high-waisted pants for $4 I thought, "Well here's an opportunity to try a trend without breaking the bank." These pants would work with heels and a fitted sweater, a crop top and clogs...Anything, really! Scroll down to see them paired with my white leather jacket. But for today, I threw on my new fall booties and the T-shirt that makes my eyes pop and BOOM. PHOTOSHOOT.

Guys, it's been a long time since I actually liked photos of myself. It's not the 10 lbs of baby weight or the postpartum skin marks and hair loss (ugh) but I just wasn't feeling too proud of myself. I wasn't feeling bad about myself but I also wasn't feeling good about myself either. I felt quirky... like these pants! Like, are they cool? Are they lame? Are they relevant or vintage? What are they doing with their lives?

I am these pants.

So, look at the happy lady in these photos. Sometimes new boots and weird pants are all it takes. Getting out with a friend to take pictures and sip a coffee is mood-changing for me. Sometimes even life-changing. I need to do it more, for sure.

T-shirt : H&M. Pants: thrifted. Coat: Free People. Boots: Lucky Brand (DSW). Photos by Blair McLeod.

I'm sure I'll get questions about my hair, too, so here's what's happening: Dan did my roots (as per usual these days because he's gotten so good at it!) and then a couple days later I put in Nordic Blonde with a lavender toner. I love the way it turned out!

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