Wednesday, December 28, 2016


I end every year pretty much the same way: addicted to sugar, addicted to shopping and desperate to get back into a routine. I admit that I enjoy starting afresh but I also hate when Christmas ends. Our homes look barren when the tree and lights come down. Our bank accounts are empty, our refrigerators are empty and we ourselves can sometimes feel empty. Part of me wants every day to feel like Christmas; eating cookies with reckless abandon, giving gifts, singing carols, not a care in the world. I walked around downtown Nashville with my sweet little family on December 26th and I fought the sadness with hope and anticipation for the new year. I have goals for our family and for my business. They motivate me; they give me life. I have one resolution, something I've been working on ever since we embarked on this new way of life, when we paid off our debt and started living on a [much] smaller budget. I resolve to no longer worry about our finances because God has proven, over and over and over, that not only will our needs be met but He wants us to have the desires of our heart. I'm going into the new year incredibly grateful for all God has done for my family, every trial and every joy. I also resolve to let Liam take more pictures. He's amazing!

Photos by : Dan and Liam. Madelines and Cappuccino by : Headquarters. Photos taken in Sylvan Park, Nashville, TN.

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