Monday, October 10, 2016

A Letter to Ronan on His 1st Birthday

I just put you to bed on the night of your first birthday, in the crib next to your big brother's twin bed. You demanded cuddles by nuzzling into my chest as you pulled on your ear. Your room was dark and big brother rocked in the rocking chair nearby as I swayed back and forth to what Pandora was playing on the Sleepytime Tunes station that we love so much (a string quartets rendition of "Dont Stop Believing" perhaps?). All I could do was thank God for you. You were exactly what I prayed for, (and even if you hadn't been, and dont turn out to be, I'll still love you) a sweet baby, a happy boy. I've had babysitters and strangers actually thank me for you. Everyone adores you. You are our sunshine and our comic relief. You are such a gift to this family. You are a big one year old now but before you take too many steps on your own and start growing up way too fast, I'll cherish these moments when I'm rocking you to sleep. I love you, Roney.

Happy birthday! and many morrrrre...

Love, Mama

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  1. Robert Christian GundersonOctober 10, 2016 at 6:25 PM

    I wish I had done this.


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