Friday, February 12, 2016

Working Family

I am loving life with our two boys. It hasn't been easy but it's been awesome. I've been working a lot lately after shooting 4 weddings since Ronan was born and many more to come. A maternity leave is hard to come by when you're self-employed. I wanted to take a fwe months off but it's hard when you see the bank account dwindling and the inbox filling up. I like to work so I was pretty much back to work (or at least answering emails) at 5 weeks postpartum. I shot 3 weddings in December, right at the 8 week postpartum mark. I miss those lazy newborn days where my only expectation was to lay in bed with Ronan all day. But, I'm pretty much back to normal and he is ready to be out and experience the world. 

Sometimes I'd like to make more money, other times I'd like to not work at all. When I consider that I have 5.5 years until both boys are in school I figure that I'd better just keep doing what I'm doing. I could go get a fulltime job (and use my college degree that I just finished paying for) but I'm happy. I thought my dream involved a lot more money but it turns out it doesn't. My dream is building a business in Nashville and working really hard at something I love all while spending tons of quality time with my boys. The balance is difficult but we make it work. Living the dream, as they say. Only I really mean it.

These photos are from November. We were thrilled to collaborate with Lily Jade (the bag) and Vinnie Louise (the dress). If you need a diaper bag or affordable fashion check them out. They're my new favorites - and no one is playing me to say that.

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