Saturday, February 13, 2016

Adoption Day

Adoption Day 2014 - photos by Rachel Drechsel

When it's the anniversary of your son's adoption and you had a day so trying that you're in a hot bath at 8pm and in bed at 9pm but you still love him so much that you're watching him sleep on the video monitor and thanking God for him, just as he is. I love my crazy Liam. He has taught me so much about grace, patience, unconditional love and forgiveness. The 5 minutes of genuine laughter (after he told me that Ronan "looks like a dad") was the best part of my day. Thankful for new mornings and do-overs. Happy Valentine's Day, Liam. I know you still dont understand adoption. Just know that you are SO VERY LOVED. 

Liam - Age 4.

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