Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Peace and Chaos

My life seems to be an ebb and flow of peace and chaos. There is truly little of the in-between. While I dream of lackadaisical mornings I know that our family thrives in extremes. We love a quiet night in just as much we love, for example, running errands/getting coffee/having meetings/going out for lunch in a span of 2 hours. It's a wonder how I'm not having a constant panic attack. (To this day, the only panic attack I've had was from stupid Gibson. Who, as a result, failed his 30 day challenge and has a new home - and I am 100% at peace about it!) 

Dan is still very busy and doesn't have a break until next week.  In the 6 or 7 weeks since we moved into our new home he's been here about 8 or 9 days. So, we cram as much into those days as possible. It's a strange life, cramming a weeks worth of family-time into 24 hours. But, we do. Just as we are getting our rhythm, it all goes out the window. I'm starting my job as an event coordinator on Saturday and it's going to be a big change. The biggest change will be my wardrobe. I am to wear conservative cocktail to events and client meetings. Oh man, my closet full of PNW-WAHM style (jeans and sweaters) is not gonna fly! Expect more dresses and heels, blazers and skirts and lots more hairspray! 

This skirt stood out to me at Forever 21. I am drawn to anything in that color. My cell phone case, winter jacket and my eyes are this color so let's just say it's my favorite. Although it's spring, the mornings can be chilly here so I put on a lightweight sweater in a bold color and popped on some gold jewelry. Later in the day I swapped the sweater for a tank-top and took off the boots and tights for simple flats but this particular outfit suited the 55° morning in downtown Nashville. I met up with Blair and had a blast shooting photos of her and drinking some of Nashville's best coffee at Crema! She's a native Tennesseean so I hope to get some Southern Style tips from her - especially in the summer. 

Skirt and Boots: Forever 21. Sweater: hand-me-down from Grandma Marge. Tights: Assets / Nordstrom. Necklace: Enya. Watch: Marc Jacobs/ Nordstrom. Ring: Fred Meyer Jewelers. Earrings: World Market. Sunglasses: borrowed. Polish: OPI You Dont Know Jacques!

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