Thursday, January 02, 2014

That One Time We Took a Baby on a Go Kart

This is the saga of the one time we took our baby on the go karts at Wisconsin Dells re-told, 6 months later, by me.

$3.00 Go Karts?! HECK YES.
He's old enough to go? Wow. Okay. I'm sure he'll be fine.
The family waits for Papa to buy the tickets. The other baby is not going.
No line. Always a good sign.

He doesn't look too sure about this.

AND THEY'RE OFF! He's changed his mind. He loves this.

After one lap it still seems like he's loving it...

Nevermind. He's getting on daddy's lap. He is officially scared. Maybe he was crying, not smiling?

An attendant runs over to pull them off the course. You cant stop in the middle of the track, dude!

The only way off this fake mountain is to keep driving. Child hangs on for dear life.

They've made it to the finish line. The other patrons continue to whiz past with squeals of delight. Child may be permanently traumatized.

Or not......haha!

These photos are from July in Wisconsin Dells. We just had our broken memory card recovered so you can expect to see lots of photos from that trip in the days to come. Because, right now my life consists of working and planning our move. BORRRRING.

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