Friday, November 08, 2013

My So Called Life

I think I am officially, fully living in the 90s. Maybe it's the fact that I bought combat boots or maybe it's my new haircut, reminiscent of the amazing Claire Danes in My So Called Life. Either way, consider me obsessed. This outfit is similar to what I wore to the PNW Blogger party - except I traded the T-shirt for a blouse. If it were truly the 90s, I would have untucked the T-shirt and wrapped a flannel around my waist. Instead of full grunge, the fitted cardigan gives it a little teensy tiny bit of modern sophistacation. I was totally comfortable and casual and yet I was in a skirt and tights. Win-Win.

Since most of my outfit is thrifted or borrowed or really old, here is a similar look for an affordable price! Psst...Those boots are only $20! And the T-shirt is the most expensive item. Bargain shoppers, get to it!

Inspired by My So Called Life

BB was trying to get my attention so this was my reaction. Naturally.

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  1. Quit being so damn cute. It makes some of us feel old and frumpy.


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