Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Pride and Dissapointment

Today I am proud of my son because: Today he "read" The Very Hungry Caterpillar ("Moon! Egg! Leaf! Pop! Strawberries!") and he told us when his tummy hurt and said that I was his best friend.

Today I am disappointed in my son because: During nap time he took of all his clothes and diaper (first time ever doing that) and peed and pooped in his bed and didn't sleep at all.

There are great days and bad days as a mom. Today was both!

What are your most proud and disappointing moments as a parent?


  1. Tonight I was proud when Jack used the potty chair for the fourth day in a row (not all the time, just at least once a day) and I was disappointed when he cried hysterically all through dinner because he wanted to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse instead of sitting at the table. Ups and downs...the story of my life with a two year old.

  2. So far...nothing yet! Little girl is still cookin :)


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