Wednesday, August 28, 2013

"Mama" ♥

Little Boy,
You call me "Mama". Sometimes you say it just to say it, I think. And always with a smile on your face. When you're in your car seat and you are bored you yell "Mama!" and you want me to tickle you. So, of course, I do. Oh, that laugh! You truly are a bundle of joy.  

You love your independence but you never go far. When I walk into a room or you stop running away from me, you always greet me with "Mama" and come running full-speed into my arms. I love it. Please dont ever stop.

You are almost 2. You've counteracted your laughter and funny faces by becoming the master of whining, at times. We've had some difficult mornings. Not one person in this household of ours is a morning person so it takes a while for all of us to be happy. But the best way to wake up is when I hear you call out: "Mama!".   I love you. Happy [almost] 2nd Birthday, Peanut.


Photos by Noelle of 2sisphotos.com

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  1. Aww, little boys saying "mama" is the cutest thing ever. Makes my heart sing.


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