Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Wore: 10-Year Anniversary Date

Dan loves this romper. He wants me to wear it all the time. I have worn this romper three times: "Friendsgiving" I wore it with black tights and heels, I wore it at Mandy's Christmas party with maroon tights and wedges and I wore it to a concert with a cardigan, black tights and cute little black, lace-up, high-heeled wing-tips. I haven't worn it since I went platinum. I am hyper-aware that a bleached-blonde cant always pull off the same outfits that I used to as a dirty-blonde. Bleached-blonde just has certain connotations. I don't want to look like I'm a Barbie-wannabe, you know? 

For our 10-year anniversary date, I wore the romper and that husband of mine was a happy dude. I went easy on the accessories because I don't think a bleached-blonde in a romper needs many accessories. No earrings, no necklace, just a simple gold band (my 9-year anniversary gift), my new watch and some bangles. Heels are a must when I go out with Dan. He's 8 inches taller than me. In a romper, I need heels for that extra length or my legs end up looking short and chunky. I've had these strappy heels since at least 1999. Not kidding. I think I wore them to my 9th Grade Dance.

We had planned on going to two speakeasies, a seafood restaurant, a French bar and a theater. Bad traffic, insane parking and a series of events later, we ended up in downtown Seattle, starving. So we shared a burger from Dick's (I waited in the car because you cant wear an outfit like this at Dick's at 8pm). We eventually found one of the speakeasies and while we were there we decided to ditch the rest of our plans and go to a fancy steak house down the street. It was a good choice as that meal was the best we've ever had. I dont always like how indecisive we are but I like how adventurous and spontaneous we are. It was a good night.

Thanks for the soft focus on the close-up photo, babe. I am 30.

Romper: H&M | Belt: F-21 | Bangles: TJ-Maxx | Clutch: Ross | Watch: Marc Jacobs | Ring: gift | Shoes: Um...1999 | Red nail polish: Sally HansenⓇ Inst-Dry in Rapid Red
My hot date! :)


  1. Love it!! I also really really love how it looked with the maroon tights. Super cute. Dan's right, wear it more often!

  2. You can definitely pull off that romper! Glad you two had fun (minus traffic). ;)

  3. Happy 10 years! And if this is what 30 looks like ... I need the next 3 years to speed up! You look fabulous!!!


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