Monday, July 29, 2013

Stuck in Traffic

I was stuck in traffic this weekend but since we turned BB's car seat around for the recent trip to visit family in Vancouver it wasn't so bad.  The reason:  Car dancing and front-facing cameras.  We were crawling along the Interstate, stop-and-go at about 10mph, so I cranked up the Adult Contemporary radio station and turned on the tablet.  The BeeBs joined in on some lip-synching and hasn't stopped since (cutest ever).

Right around 00:13 was when I realized the guy next to me was watching all of this.  Nice.  And, yes, I know this isn't the safest thing in the world.  KTHNXBYE!


  1. That's a great song! I would totally lipsynch and it's great for babies because it's about deadlines. If Marc Anthony's lady had already let him know, it wouldn't be so urgent, dude needs to know!

  2. Freeways are a bit of an exception, but I believe car seats are safer facing forward for around town driving. Besides the fact that you can see them, and you can reach them, their neck is also better off if someone rear-ends you (which I deemed as our most likely collision scenario around here). Of course, to anyone else reading this, if you plan on rear-ending others you should keep your seats facing backward!


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