Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Just the Three of Us

My very talented sisters-in-law, Noelle and Terra are 2 Sisters Photography in the Chicago area.  Noelle took some family photos for us while we were visiting.  BB was in a particularly bad mood so we just tried to go with the flow and let him throw rocks and use sticks as swords.  I think she captured some wonderful moments.  Do you agree?

Thank you so much, Noelle!  We love them!


  1. Beautiful family, wonderful photos Lindsy, so glad to see you are all doing well and BB is cuter than ever. Laughed out loud to your tips for photographing tots and your recent post on traveling with him. I feel your "pain" but also love embracing it all like you do :)

  2. these are so fun! you guys are so cute. i wouldn't have guessed that bb was in a bad mood either :)


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