Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Favorite Moments

It's so good to have Dan back! We love to talk. We have been planning and dreaming about our future lately and it's exciting. Even if our dreams never come to fruition it's still so much fun to imagine. 

This past Saturday we went on a hike with our friends who are visiting from Arizona. BB was a champ! He walked independently and climbed hills and picked up sticks and leaves and I was amazed! He's really not a baby anymore. The hike was bittersweet. It ended with a theft (our friend's purse taken out of her rental car) but the actual hike was perfection.

What's your ideal place? What are some of your favorite moments that you want to just freeze in time and relive over and over again?  

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  1. I truly miss hiking. My favorite hike was 10 minutes from my house and I didn't do it nearly enough. Mostly because the hubs can't hike and it was tough to get people to go with me so early before the trail got crowded. And I was scared to go it alone!

    Beautiful scenery despite an unhappy ending :(


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