Thursday, June 06, 2013

Colored Rice | Sensory Play

I am trying to incorporate more sensory play in our lives - but I dont like making messes. I'm learning that sensory play is necessary for every child but sometimes I just dont want to clean shaving cream off of everything.  So, I heard about colored rice and it turns out that making it is super easy!  (Unlike my slow-cook playdough).  All you need is uncooked white rice, food coloring and vinegar. 

1 tablespoon of vinegar per cup of rice and however much coloring you need for the shade you desire. I made 3 cups of red, blue and yellow each. You can mix it a ziplocked bag or just stir it in a bowl. Then lay it out to dry.  It took about an hour.

We like to play with it outside or in the high chair.  You can give them scoops and funnels, toy cars, hide little toys in a it, or just let them feel it!  It's great sensory play, easy to clean up, and cheap and easy to make!

Such intense focus!  I wish I could focus like that....

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