Friday, April 12, 2013

Must-Haves for a Happy Journey

We bought a new car this week and we leave tomorrow for a road trip to California!  We are so excited!  We still have our old BMW for the time being but now that the BeeBs is riding in a newer vehicle I wanted to class-it-up a bit.  No more random grocery bags of toys and cracker crumbs on EV-REE-THING.  It's time to get organized!  So, in honor of the road trip and the new car, I put together a little car emergency pack of must-haves for a happy journey.

I started with a little container which happened to be empty (where are the toys that were in there?) and it just happens to match the interior of the car.  Doesn't get any classier than that.  I started with a big plastic tub but it was too big so this little canvas cube is perfect!  The BeeBs gets bored in the car but he is easily distracted so I like to find interesting toys to keep in the car.  Browse around the dollar bins and you're sure to find something to keep the kiddo entertained for a few minutes, hopefully hours in our case.  We use wipes for everything!  Spills, runny noses, and bottoms.  These are a must-have.  I'm keeping a little snack in the emergency kit just in case I cant reach the other snacks that I'm sure to have in my purse or the diaper bag.  Because moms always have snacks. I also put some books in there, the kind that can take a real beating and we wont miss out on during story time.  And, last but not least, it's always a good idea to have a few diapers in there for that one time you forget the diaper bag and there is a class 5 emergency happening in your back seat. (Diaper photo by Honest.com - we love Honest Co. Check 'em out!)

Of course, with this being a 10 hour drive, we are bringing waaaayyyy more than this.  This little emergency kit is just for the day-to-day.  I have 3 boxes, 2 suitcases and a large bag full of stuff - for a 4 day trip.  Plus a pack-n-play and jogging stroller.  Good thing we upgraded to that big SUV, eh?  Here's our new car, by the way...

Happy weekend to you all!

Dan, Lindsy and the BeeBs 

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