Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Did You Love BB Immediately?

I've been getting some great questions in response to our :  Why We Became Foster Parents post.  I just want to address one of them now as I'm working with our agency on a post titled:  Six Myths about Foster Care - which I am really excited about, by the way!

Question:  Did you love BB immediately?

Yes.  Knowing BB's story, he was just so precious and innocent to me. He also had the biggest smile I've ever seen, as pictured here.  Both of those photos are from day two with the Beebs.  To be honest, my love for him was pretty shallow at first but it has grown as he's attached to us and we to him. I've never had a biological child but I don't imagine that I'd love a bio child any different than I love BB.  When it comes to foster parenting, you can never hold back your love for these kids. These kids desperately need to know that they are loved whether they're with you for a day, week, year, or forever. We were told by a long-time foster-mom, "You are the adults, you can handle the loss and that is never a reason to withhold love!"  Loving just for the sake of loving, loving no matter what, that's true love.  I guess that's what we do.

We are so honored to have gotten many messages from people who have told us they're considering foster care now, too! That is the best news EVERRRR. Our agency is the largest private agency in our county and they get 15 - 20 cases a day and can usually only place about 1. What happens to those other kids? I dont know. Hopefully the state has enough empty beds, right? If you feel a little tugging at your heart strings, please consider becoming a foster parent or donating your time/resources/hand-me-downs to a foster family. It is truly the best gift you can give a child.


  1. Perfectly said. He is such a beautiful boy! Thanks for spreading foster care awareness, def need more good families in the system. :)

  2. Nicely put Lindsy. Love you 3! Mom


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