Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Road Trip Recap

We are back from our very short trip to California! The trip down was rainy and sunny, then rainy and sunny.  Everyone said travelling with a toddler would be a nightmare but it was so incredibly fun.  BB was a dream!  We were over-prepared with all of his favorite toys (which were kept out of sight and brought out when needed) and surprise presents from the dollar store (egg shaker, squishy ball, window stickies) and we bought a tablet before the trip.  Best idea ever.  We downloaded Toy Story and Monsters Inc. and every decent toddler game we could find.  He doesn't normally watch movies but, being trapped in a car all day, one tends to watch anything that's put in front of them.  We kept his eating and napping schedule and stopped to let him stretch his legs and burn off some steam.  I was really worried about him being confined in a car seat for so long but the 30 minute jumping and running session at the ever-so-lovely Roseburg Valley Mall (ew) seemed to be enough to satiate his sensory input needs and we were back in the Landy and back on the road.  

There's not much to say about California.  Dan recorded 5 songs in just two days and the bits that I heard were magnificent!  I am working on ideas for a music video!  We were staying in a big house with a pool so BB and I hung out while Dan recorded.  We ate at In-N-Out and Rubio's and saw some friends.  It was a quick trip and we spent way too much money but we are so glad we did it.  I cant wait to hear and share Dan's music with the world.  I am so proud of him!

We knew that we'd be driving home non-stop but on the way down we weren't sure how far we'd make it before we would need to stop and put The Beebs to bed.  We made great time so we ended up all the way to our destination before bed time.  [fist pump!]  We used an app called Hotel Tonight and got a killer deal on a hotel room!  Check it out!  It's available for Android and Apple and it's so great.  We thought not pre-booking would cost us more but this app saved us a ton.  [ahem, a room at the Hilton for $66]  Totally the way to go if you are a roll-with-the-punches type of traveller.

Happy traveling!  Back to the daily grind for us!

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