Friday, February 08, 2013

One Year with Baby Bread

One year ago we said "yes" to a baby we knew nothing about, whose name I wasn't sure how to pronounce. We said yes; with no bottles or clothes or blankets in my house for him and a traveling husband who wasn't due back home for a few days. The next morning, I became a mama. I met this baby boy and this smile was the first thing I saw. The smile keeps getting brighter and my heart gets more and more full. 

Taken minutes after we met.

I can remember exactly how I felt a year ago.  I didn't sleep at all the night before.  I was so anxious!  I got up very early, cleaning, preparing, pacing back and forth, just waiting for the phone call with the address of where to pick up my child.  The moment we met was surreal.  I will never forget walking in to the house to meet him.  He looked up at me with this HUGE smile!  My heart just melted.  I took him shopping for bottles and baby-things and he fell asleep in his Moby wrap and I remember a  feeling of panic, thinking, "is he breathing?!"  Such silly anxious thoughts when put in charge of such a precious gift.  We made it through the first couple of days and had a wonderful baby shower.  Dan came home a few days later and I recorded their first meeting.  I cant watch that video without crying.  In honor of our one year anniversary, here are some photos from our first few days with BB.


You are safe, you are loved, you are so incredible. Happy one year, baby boy! 


  1. tears. he has the best parents!!

  2. So beautiful Lindsy! He is precious!
    Emily Plummer

  3. This is so sweet! He is truly blessed to have you & Dan as parents!!

  4. Last line... Ugh tears of joy from the beauty of love. When I first read this I was on my lunch break and you made me cry Lindsy! It's was so sweet. His story is beautiful! You and Dan are so so wonderful with him. I am the most happy for you all! I cannot wait to meet BB!

  5. My son had to give his baby up for adoption. these posts help my broken heart. I can imagine my sweet grand daughter being loved like that.

    1. @stofle -- Adoption can be equal parts wonderful and heart-breaking. I am sure your granddaughter is so very, very loved. Thanks for sharing! XOXO


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