Monday, February 11, 2013

Mr. Personality

Mr. Personality likes to sing and run around the house screaming with joy.
Mr. Personality knows where you keep the biscuits and how to ask for them.
Mr. Personality sometimes hits me and dadda in the face.
Mr. Personality loves to cuddle (and chew on) his Aiden + Anais blankies and his Jingle Pup.
Mr. Personality cannot spend too much time in a clothing store because he is obsessed with hangers.
Mr. Personality makes the funniest faces and points at everything. Even strangers with afros.
Mr. Personality gives high fives, the biggest hugs and sweetest kisses... when he feels like it.
Mr. Personality will cling to you for dear life when you try to put him in the tub.
Mr. Personality, 10 minutes later, will refuse to get out of the tub even after the water is all gone.
Mr. Personality loves a good dance party!


  1. The picture of him lounging on the floor is so super cute!! And I love that he points at people with afros! They intrigue me, too, BB. :)

    1. It has happened twice with the afro-pointing! Its so embarrassing!

  2. haha...is mr. personality flipping the bird in that last photo? lol


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