Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Grow Up

I enjoy writing and sharing and recording milestones and publicizing my goals. I never write for anyone else - and that is what all the good bloggers tell you to do.  Unlike many bloggers, I don't want blogging to be my job; I have other aspirations.  Ever since I became a mother, I have felt subtle winds of change in my life.  I've thought about our finances and career choices - a lot.  Sometimes I want to start my own marketing company, sometimes I want to go back to school and be a teacher - have the summers off so that I can play with BB and travel with Dan, sometimes I want to abandon everything so that I can put some energy into poor LMR Photography, our photography business that gets so very neglected. I dream of moving to Hollywood to be a production designer on a movie set.  Other times, I want to be a stay-at-home-mom.

I'm 6 months away from turning the big three-oh and I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.  I feel silly.  But, I know I'm not alone. America is the land of opportunity and everyone has big dreams. You can be almost anything you want to be.  I mean, with the right amount of work, I could literally be any of the aforementioned things: entrepreneur, teacher, production designer, full-time photographer, SAHM.  But aren't too many options overwhelming?  I've been reading reports that greater creativity stems from tighter boundaries.  The best example I can make is that spoiled kids are usually bored and kids with little have great imaginations.

For the past year Dan and I have put strict boundaries on our family budget.  We have met our goal of saving everything that Dan makes.  Living off a small budget, by choice, has forced us to get creative in how we spend our time and money.  Even though sometimes I desperately want a shopping spree, I love these constraints.  We are living comfortably (and creatively) so why would I want to go and change things?  I am so blessed with the job that I have.  But, I struggle with complacency after six years; should I be content or get more ambitious?  How can I place boundaries on myself and my personal goals?  Should I?

I'm not trying to solve all my problems today.  I just want to share what I'm thinking.  If you're thinking the same things just know that not everyone knows exactly what they want to do with their life... even an almost-30 small business owner with a 6-year career in project managing.


  1. Appreciate your ability to bare your soul on this one Lindsy, and I can certainly relate! Personally, I believe that for some people it's more rewarding to do a lot of different things because they are multi-talented (like you), or at least, interested in and good at many things (also like you!). And the best part about that is that you are motivated and aspire for more, as opposed to being unmotivated to make a difference or accomplish your goals, whatever they may be. I truly worry about our sons' generation and the influence of technology, education, etc. I only hope that our aspirations to live simply and creatively inspires them to be resourceful and imaginative. Keep on reaching, it's refreshing and you are setting such a wonderful example for BB!

    1. Thank you so much, Jes! That really means a lot!


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