Thursday, February 28, 2013

Antler Plaque and Wall Collage

Happy last-day-of-February!  We are so close to spring, I can feel it.  Today I am sharing with you  my second project with antlers!  The first is the antler necklace display hanging in my bedroom.  Antlers are just so fun and kitschy - I cant help myself!  This was super easy to make and I'm so happy with the way it turned out.  Just three steps and less than $20!

Step one:  Buy antlers and a plaque.  I found both on Ebay.  Search here for the plaque and search here for the antlers.  I got the plaque for about $8 and the antlers were a box of 3 for $12.  I love Ebay!

Step two:  Spray paint the plaque.  Choosing a color was hard.  I started with a mustard yellow but it didn't look good.  I considered black but Dan wanted me to try a brighter color so I went with a high-gloss burgundy and it was perfect!

Step three:  Glue your antlers to the plaque.  Find a heavy-duty glue and follow the instructions on the package.  We used Permatex Super Glue Gel, let it dry overnight and hung it up the next morning.  

Voila!  I wanted a special place to hang our new antlers.  So, I took down the big banner in our living room and created this wall collage you see below.  We have so many framed photos from living in the loft and this house is much smaller, with much less wall space.  I love changing up our interior design and I am happy with the how the antler plaque complements the other photos.  

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