Tuesday, November 27, 2012

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This is our past week in Instagrams!  We had a great Thanksgiving, even though we were a little under the weather (and even though I dislike Thanksgiving).  Our flight from Nashville got in really late and we drove to my mom's and fell asleep around 2am.  BB was so happy to see us the next morning and it was so fun!  We watched [about 20 minutes of] his first Christmas movie, The Polar Express!  Then, we went to my grandparents house and enjoyed all the Thanksgiving foods but not until BB had a supreme meltdown.  Cutting molars?  Scared we were going to leave him there?  Too many people?  Too tired?  I have no idea.  But we let him throw his fit in the TV room and then he proceeded to play with Ellie, my cousin's 9-month-old daughter, all night.  They were super cute together!

We came home and we were sick for a while, still are.  So, the Christmas decorations are being put up very slowly.  We opted for the fake tree (which we haven't used the past two years) because we thought it would be safer and easier with a toddler in the home.  I will also be using all the cheap, plastic ornaments should anything happen.  In my mind, I picture BB climbing the tree and/or pulling the garland down and pretty much ruining Christmas.  So, I'm doing my best to ensure this doesn't happen. 

He's so enamored by the lights.  (Who isn't?)  Christmas with a baby will be so fun!

Watching The Polar Express at Granna's house.
Crawling around grandpa's room.
BB and Ellie.
Our adorable helper!
Starting to decorate.
In awe!
We got BB a stocking to match ours (Sort-of!)

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  1. LOVEE the lights..and the tree.. and the stockings.. and your kid. I think I just love this post.


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