Monday, November 26, 2012


We went to Nashville last week!  Dan was finishing a tour and the rest of the band flew home.  My little sister moved there a couple months ago so we got to stay with her.  It was the perfect opportunity for a cheap, mini- vacation!  

We absolutely loved it.  It was sunny and warm and not lacking in activities.  There is live music everywhere!  There's new buildings mixed in with really, really old buildings.  The people are friendly and so welcoming.  Where we live, there are people who hate Tacoma (to whom I say, "then leave"), people who tolerate Tacoma, and people who choose to like Tacoma, and then there is a subculture of people who LOVE Tacoma.  But, in Nashville, seems like everyone is in LOVE with their city.  And that was refreshing.

My sister, Karli, was busy with a new job so we got to explore the city on our own and also catch up with some friends.  Dan knows a ton of people in Nashville already, through the music scene, and we met up with some of them.  I have a friend from high school, Justin Klump, who just moved there with his wife and put out his new album, Sticks and Stones, which debuted at #9 on the iTunes charts!  You can get it on iTunes (obviously) or go to his site for a free download: HERE!  I also got to meet my fellow Road Widows, Denise and Chris, in person!  It was so great!  We didn't talk about the blog much but we all stated we had some ideas for its future.  Have you checked out Road Widows?  It's a blog for "a person whose spouse or significant other is a touring musician, crew member or artist. Sometimes irrational and emotional, but always supportive."  If that's you, check it out!  

A Nashville Playlist just for YOU!

Barista Parlor, East Nashville.  519 B Gallatin Rd.

The Road Widows:  Nise, Chris, and I at The Pharmacy Burger, 731 McFerrin Ave. Photo by: A waitress.

Crema Coffee, 15 Hermitage Avenue.
A beautiful sunset at Sylvan Park.
Dan is standing in the Tennesee Titans parking lot, as we walked from East Nash to downtown (Crema).


  1. You guys are too cool. I love your fashion style. Now (because of your lovely photos & description) I want to visit Nashville!

  2. You know Justin Klump! How neat! He's my brother in law's cousin, he played at their wedding with me! Small world

    1. @Meri, I've known Justin since 10th grade! When Mat and Allison started coming to TC I was like "Klump? Are you related to Justin Klump?" Thinking the answer would be "no!"...but it was "Yes he's my cousin!" Small world, indeed!


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