Friday, September 28, 2012


Snoqualmie Forest, Sept 23, 2012.


Obsessing over:  How cuddly BB has become.  He wants to be held all the time and I love it.
Working on:  $75 photo sessions with Grace.  October 6 and November 10, 2012.  Need photos?  Do it now!  This is a steal of a deal!  
Thinking about:  The future; What our lives will be like a year from now.  I'm also thinking about achieving some more of my 30 before 30 list and getting antsy about it.  I think that since I wrote the list in summer time most of the tasks are summer-oriented.  Summer is running  out so I'll have to wait until NEXT summer.  Patience is not my thing.  Also, "go to a sold-out mega concert" ... what was I thinking?!  I dont want to spend $200 to see ...well, anyone.  Most of the bands I like are $25/show or less.   I did see Kings of Leon at The Gorge but I guess I forgot about that when I wrote this list.
Anticipating:  A trip to Nashville to visit my sister!  YAY!
Listening to:  A lot of Johnny Cash.  Like, constantly.  Also, Fiona Apple's new album which has a title that is run-on sentence and I'm not going to go look it up.  Also, Smashing Pumpkins and Taking Back Sunday because these are two concerts I will be attending in October! (If one of these is sold out I am totally crossing #25: Go to a sold-out mega concert off my list.)
Drinking:  Just water.  And still too much coffee.
Wishing:  That I had gone on my overnight hike last weekend.  I had such a great hike planned and it would have been so much fun.  

AND, my favorite links this week:
  • I just discovered Fab.com (thanks to Holly! SHOUTOUT!) and I got these deer earrings.
  • Sheinside: A website with fun/wacky/affordable clothes.
  • I love everything about Our Vintage Home Love but this Autumn table decor and industrial vintage table?  Get the heck out.  I am going to become a squatter in your home whether you like it or not.
  • Mallorie's pizza looks so good!  It's not your typical Margherita pizza.  Zucchini, Lemon pepper?  Yes, please!  YUM!
  • Melissa's Build a Fort Kit!  I made a fort with BB this morning and he didn't want to get in it.  I hope he gets over it because forts are the best!
Will you please join me in this fort!?!


  1. what? he didn't want to get in the fort? haha, he'll learn quickly :)

  2. I love Johnny Cash! good one to listen to!

  3. LOVE Johnny Cash and I'm so jealous you're seeing TBS! Oh so good. :) And thanks for linking to my pizza! You have to try it.


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