Thursday, September 27, 2012

Balance and Normalcy

I'm so glad Dan is back.  Although, he's leaving again soon.  I've noticed that there's a pattern when he's back.  The first 24 hours are bliss and we're all just so happy to be together.  Then there are responsibilities like laundry and paying bills and three very busy lives converging.  It requires collaboration and compromise, something that neither of us have to think about while he's on the road.  We're still trying to figure out how to live this life, two and half years later.  Just when I think things are great and running smooth, something happens.  Something like... BB gets a temperature of 104°.  [Note:  BB is generally okay and super, extra cuddly so we're handling it okay, too!  I love the extra loves.  Just hoping we adults dont get sick, too!]  I am always trying to find balance and once I've found it, I coast through life in a haze of "normalcy" and then I realize, "This isn't normal.  And this is also kind of boring".  Life is a struggle and it always will be.  Stuff happens.  Things out of my control.  I have to realize these things will happen with or without me.  I will find balance when I am at peace with the fact that I cannot control everything.  I'm a work in progress and I would especially like to thank these two special men in my life for being patient with me.  ;)


  1. My husband and I are apart a few days each week due to work and school and we do the same thing when we get back together--all bliss and love and cuddles--and then some head butting and trying to get back into the groove of living together again! :)

  2. The cool thing about tough times is that we wouldn't realize just how blissful, unique and special the awesome moments are. If life was always blissful, that'd become "normal" for us... which means it would also be boring. JD and I go through the ups and downs all the time - even when we are traveling in an exotic place. You're definitely not alone, Lindsy! Thanks for being real when you write. Glad Dan is back home!!

    1. You've gotta have valleys to enjoy the mountains! Thanks, Whitney!


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