Friday, August 31, 2012

First Birthday

Someone has a birthday coming up!  Check out the [censored, internet version of the] invitation I created for our little guy's first birthday party.  [Side note:  I am longing for the day to stop calling him "BB" online].  We love Where the Wild Things Are.  It's our fave.  BB is fascinated when I read/recite "the wild things ROARED their terrible ROARS".  That's my favorite part.  I looove this book and I loooove this boy!  I cant wait for this party to happen! I cant believe he's already one year old! 

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  1. I dunno. "BB" might stick... But, it will be fun when you don't have to censor because then he'll be yours forever! I've been thinking about you guys and that issue lately. I hope this all ends smoothly, Linz!


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