Thursday, August 30, 2012

Europe Series: Brussels, Belgium

Belgium is known for food (and over 200 kinds of beer). "Moules et frites" is mussels and French fries!

Stunning "Grand Place"

Our first adventure in Europe was traveling to Brussels.  We found plane tickets for 40 euro.  TOTAL. It was a cheap airline in which the seats were plastic, you couldnt check a bag, and there were no flight attendants.  It was pretty cool.

Before our trip, we asked a woman in Grenoble what there is to do in Brussels.  She exclaimed, "There is so much to do!" and she wasn't entirely correct but we DID have a great time looking at things and eating things - Belgium is known for waffles, fries, and much more!  We also saw a movie in Europe's largest movie theater, Kinepolis.  Viewed the Atomium and Grand Place and, of course, the Mannequin Pis - a little statue that pees and gets dressed up by different countries and has its own museum, which we visited.  BB reminded me of Mannequin Pis last night as he was standing in the bathroom waiting for his bathtub to fill up.  Ha!

All in all, a good trip!  It was January and we were freezing so I'd love to go back and visit in warmer weather.

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