Tuesday, September 04, 2012

LDW & Little Man's First Birthday

The little man turned 1 this weekend!  I cant believe he's a year old.  The past 8 months have flown by, and yet, I can hardly remember life before having BB in our family.  

Headphones + those cheeks = I die.
My Labor Day Weekend plans changed when I found out my grandparents, who live at the Washington coast, would not be home but rather driving home from family reunions in West Virginia.  So, I had a stay-cation right here in town!  BB and I were invited to Bumbershoot with his nanny/our friend, Courtney and it went surprisingly well!  At first I was like, "You really want to go to a musical festival with an old lady and baby?" but when I got there and saw HELLA BABIES, some a lot younger than BB and even newborn twins I was like, "Ok, this is normal plus I'm one of the only parents who has noise-canceling head phones for their kid."  It was so rad!  He is really starting to enjoy being out in public and seeing new things!Then, he got cookies and ice cream for his birthday.  He woke up at 1am and 5am that night so we're going to take it easy on the sugary treats.... until his birthday party this Saturday.

Happy birthday, Boo Boo!
So excited!

We joined our buddy, Jackson, at his 1 year photoshoot this weekend, too!  For some reason, BB was really enjoying it.  This kid loves being outside.  I'm sure the red push-car helped.  Jackson was so kind to share!

On Labor Day, we went to the zoo with "Uncle Sam"! I think BB loved it.  He clapped, unprovoked, at the sea otters. I died. It was so cute.

And, we ended our weekend with chewing on the garden hose, as pictured above, and waiting for Dan to get home.  They blew TWO tires on their way back from the midwest festival they were playing so the 20hour drive became a 30 hour drive and he got in at 4am. Thus, the sweet life of a rockstar.

It was such a wonderful weekend. I didn't want to drop him off at daycare today and I waited until the last possible minute to do so. He was greeted by a group of happy kids squealing his name and bringing him toys, which always warms my heart. We love daycare.

Back to work for me, friends.  Hope you had a great weekend, too!  XOXO, Lindsy

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