Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Support for the Road Widow

If your husband travels for work, you may get a lot of sympathetic looks and pats on the shoulder from your friends when you (once again) have to explain that your husband is out of town and that he's going to miss the upcoming shindig.  (If not, your friends are jerks. HA!)  If you, too, are living this crazy, road widow lifestyle it’s imperative to have a good support system of people who are feeling what we feel, people who “get” it. I've had some really encouraging messages sent to me via 140 characters on Twitter that were just as good as a conversation with a close friends because the stranger on Twitter can empathize instead of sympathize; they know what it's like to have a traveling husband.  I would love for us all to be better resources for one another.  Find other road widows on Twitter, email us, or comment on our blogs. I feel like I should finish with something cheesy like: ”Together we are stronger!”. Well, it’s true. We are.

Here are a few!  Please feel free to add yourself in a blog comment and I'll get you on the list!  @LMRphotos, @roadwidows, @realbandwives, @niseag03, @digitalchrisb, @joannalewis26

I also posted something similar on Road Widows today.


  1. I can't imagine my husband being gone that much! You are AWESOME! great job!! And great job to your husband for working so hard for you all! :)

    1. Thank you! I recently [finally] decided that I appreciate his job because of how much time he IS home. Because he's home it's all free-time and fun-time! I wrote a little about it: http://www.dontknowhowtorelax.com/2012/06/change-of-heart.html


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