Thursday, August 02, 2012

Blast from Myspace Past

Sometimes it's really funny to go back to your Myspace page and see how the old you is doing.  It wasn't even that long ago that I was hitting up Myspace like it was going out of style (and then, it did). I just thought I would share a random blog and some really cool photos from my myspace page a few years back.  Also, "you're welcome" in advance...
I recently read an article somewhere that quiche is the seventh most deadly killer in the world taking the life of more the 600,380 people last year alone. I thought to myself, "Why isn't this a bigger news story? Where is Bono? Where is Kevin Federline? Why aren't they doing anything to stop this epidemic from sweeping the world clean of quiche-loving people?"  Then I thought to myself, "Dan why aren't you doing anything about this? All you ever do is feed the poor, fix cars for single ladies, build wells for third world countries, house illegal Chinese immigrants in your basement, research cures for the common cold, volunteer at the local Hooters, give free haircut to the homeless (even when they don't want them), and sit on your butt all day!!! Why don't you do anything?"
My feeling of guilt turned into a raging case of diarhea. While sitting on the toilet for 6 hours singing my favorite System of a Down songs, I came up with an idea how we could cure this quiche problem: Tonya Harding!!! She's tough, she's athletic, she's been known to get kicked out of bars for throwing stuff, and she hates pretentious dishes of food. She would be perfect. I read the article again one last time to see if it said anything about Tonya Harding and it turns out they weren't talking about quiche at all, they were talking about being fat. Turns out quiche was never even mentioned in the article....Who's the goose?
I also wrote about Lindsy on February 23, 2006.  This is what I wrote and I think that six years later I would probably write the same thing about her.  Isn't it funny that people dont really change?
I just wanted to give you insight on the wonderful woman I am grateful to call my wife, my best friend, my soulmate, my angel. Lindsy is a hard working, goal oriented, productive, active, joy. Lindsy knows no such thing as relaxing unless it involves running, walking, learning something new, or doing a craft of some sort. I have a wife who enjoys cooking, and baking things from scratch. Lindsy always has something funny to say and she has a great smile that is very contageous especially when you can see it coming straight from her heart.
Hit me up on Myspace if you want to read more!  Haha!  -- Dan

Us in 2005
"The Crew" in 2009. What are we doing with our hands?

Us in 2006.  Nice digital camera, right? ;)
Me at Venice Beach, 2006.

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