Monday, June 11, 2012

We're All Dying

We're not all dying... BUT!  It's been a crazy 24 hours.  Dan and I are exhasuted and BB is sick.  It started with a lazy Sunday.  I thought BB might be finally getting his top teeth because he had a runny nose.  He was fussy and he slept a lot but we ended up going on a nice walk in the woods.  He slept all night without a peep but woke up with thick, green snot all over the place!  Then, I found out that Dan's flights got messed up and he was no longer getting home at 10am, he was leaving at 10am and getting home at 4pm.  Oy vey.

I called the pediatrician this morning and was told that there's nothing they can do about a runny nose.  So, I kept using the saline spray, which BB actually likes, and the bulb syringe, which he loathes.  Eventually I decided I should check his temperature and found that it was 101.5 so I called the doctor again and they got us in right away.  A few pokes and prods later and we find out he's got double ear infections!  Lame.  Amoxicillin to the rescue!  I'm hoping he's not allergic to it.  I took amoxicillin at the ripe old age of 1 and it had me breaking out in a crazy rash and running circles around the coffee table for hours. And, it was while we were on vacation. You're welcome, mom.  Let's hope history does not repeat itself.

Dan just played 3 festivals in 3 days and is totally exhausted.  I am starting to think that I need to see a doctor about my seasonal allergies.  They are getting out of hand, almost debilitating at times.  So, we are a sad sack of whiny babies right now.  But, we're happy to be together!  So, tonight the three of us will probably just sit and breath out of our mouths while watching the Turtle Movie tonight since it's all the tv that BB has ever seen.  And, it's fascinating!  Watch the trailer below.



  1. Sick babies are no fun. I hope he feels better soon, and that you can get some rest!

  2. ok, i really want to see that movie now. it looks like finding nemo in real life!!
    and i hope everybody in your house feels better, soon!


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