Friday, June 08, 2012

Friday Favesies

Have you noticed that all the pictures are missing from every one of our posts before February 2012?  I have a lot of work to do and I've been avoiding it.  What better way to avoid than by wasting time enjoying other people's NOT screwed-up blogs?

I just found this picture, from last year.  I dont remember taking this picture, nor the Polaroid.  

Linking up with Ruthy at Discovery Street for Friday Favesies.  Okay, here we go.... Here are some of my favorite posts from the week....

I'm forever obsessed with Nursery Notations and Andrika King's amazing finds for children's rooms.  Like this wall paper!  I would love to wallpaper everything but why does it have to be so permanent?  Dan and I have owned and renovated two turn-of-the-century homes so I know first-hand that taking wallpaper off is a PAIN!!!  I never want to remove wallpaper, therefore I am probably never going to put up wallpaper.  Except for the forrest motif photo wallpaper that I put in the bathroom in our loft (pictured above in the Polaroid).  That was rad.

I loved Sydney's rendition of her son Everett's wake-up procedure - so much like BB!  He's totally doing this fake cough thing, too.

I loved Jess' rant about thrift stores at IROCKSOWHAT.  Dan and I have shared some of the same sentiments.  Why is FREE stuff so dang expensive?

I was really sad for Veronika at Tick-Tock Vintage.  Her bunny, Peter, died unexpectedly.  I know the feeling.  My bunny died totally unexpectedly, too, and it's the worst feeling because you had no idea and you think that maybe you could have prevented it.  So sad.  Hug your bunnies, people!

I loved Hanna's post of her daughter's first birthday party!  The decor was amazing!  Like something you'd see on Pinterest.  A violet theme for her daughter Violet!  How cute?!  And Dr. Pepper?  Yes, please.

I loved Mrs. Jorgensons DIY Garden Labels!  What a great idea.  I planted our veggies weeks ago and never labeled anything.  I remember where everything is... I think... but, still, these corks would be super cute.  So, I'm doing it.  It's done.

Happy weekend!!!


  1. i loved that post about thrift store shopping...its so true...it is expensive! I feel like luck plays into really good affordable finds. Thanks for linking up btw!

  2. Thanks so much for linking up my garden labels :) We just got back from Mexico today and it was the first thing I saw after reuniting with the world of social media - I was stoked! I would love to connect more - your blog, your family, and your photography is awesome and so up my alley!

    1. For sure! Mexico? I'm jealous! Nice to *meet* you, Ashley!


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