Thursday, June 07, 2012

Summer. Or, Lack Thereof.

Oh, Summer!  Or lack there-of.  I recently realized that I have about 4 free weekends between now and Labor Day.  Between my best friends wedding, the bridal showers and bachelorette party, two major events that I'm in charge of for work, visiting Dan's family, and my sisters college graduation, we are booked solid.  I must use these four free weekends wisely!  I would love to take BB camping and hiking and swimming this summer.  I must make that a priority.

And then there's the weather.  Must I always write about, talk about, and complain about THE WEATHER?  I wish I didnt have to.  It's raining.  In June.  I'm certain that it's rained in June before, maybe even in other parts of the world, but I am so disappointed today.  C'mon, sun!  I need you!

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  1. well...i don't think my baby shower would've fit into your plans anyway! :( busy lil bee.


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