Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day

We had a fabulous weekend!  We drove to Spokane to attend my sister's college graduation.  (We are so proud of you, Karli!)  The drive home was HOT!  BB was a trooper, though.  It's a five hour drive and he was happy the whole time.  He enjoyed the hotel and didnt sleep as much as we would have liked but it went a lot better than I thought it might.

For father's day, we took Dan out for Mexican food.  We went at 2pm so we were the only people in the place.  Which is fine since BB has decided to scream when he's happy.  LOUDLY.  We think it's cute but some people might not so we try to keep the public from experiencing his happy shrieks.  Thus, 2pm lunch.  We also went for a walk, despite yesterday's freakishly strong winds, and got some fro-yo.  A laid back father's dad for a laid back dad!

Dan is such an attentive, hard-working, super-fun, dreamer!  I love being his co-pilot as we navigate through new parenthood.  He has been so amazing these past few months and he gets better each day.  He is an excellent dad in every way.

As BB starts daycare and Dan heads off on a long tour, my heart is heavy.  We will definitely be missing our entertainer, the one who keeps me sane.  We love you so much, Dan.  Happy Father's Day!


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  2. Aww, you guys are a cute and sweet little family.


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