Monday, April 02, 2012


I added my Google account to my new cell phone and all my Picasa/Google/Blogger photos showed up.  Dan told me to delete them.  So, I did.  I didnt think I needed all those photos on my phone when they're all online.  Holy [expletive].  My phone is synced with Picasa Web Albums and  WE LOST EVERYTHING.  EVERY PHOTO from EVERY POST!  Excuse me while I bang my head against the wall.  This SUCKS.

Since I am already going to be spending A LOT OF TIME on this blog, I'm going to make a few changes I've been wanting to make.  Recovering and re-posting could take a while and will result in a long hiatus.  For starters, I'm changing the official name of the blog from "LMR Photos" to "Kinda Living the Dream" because I think it better suits where this little blog is headed.  I'm keeping "dontknowhowtorelax" because I paid for the domain name and that will always be true, Dan and I will never know how to relax.  [And stuff like losing all my Google picture files isn't going to help said fact.]  Don't put-off backing up your files - even if you think they're safe.


Now it's time to get out and enjoy the sunshine and deal with trivial internet problems later.

Lindsy + Dan + BB!


  1. the same thing happened to me. it took lots of patience and many cups of tea. and some curse words.


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