Monday, April 02, 2012

BB's First Movie

I brought BB home on February 8th.  Dan met him on February 14th.  He's giggled and smiled his way through the past 2 months.  He has gained almost three pounds and has tried just about every fruit or vegetable he's allowed to.  He has cut two teeth, started rolling over, and tries to sit even though he prefers to stand.  He melts our hearts every single day and we are so happy to have him!

Here is a little video I threw together with some of the footage I've captured of BB on my Macbook.


  1. Ahh...you made me cry at work! I'm so happy to see you all so happy. BB is such a lucky boy to have you two.

  2. ok..i just did my makeup, and now i'm crying!! LOVE this you two!! love it!

  3. Me too. With the crying, I mean, and I'm on vacation!

  4. Not gonna lie..I shed a tear and totally wanted to nom on his little arms too. You guys are too cute!


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