Monday, March 26, 2012

Busy Family

Hey, y'all!  (I dont actually say that, it's just fun to write).  I am on RoadWidows today giving tips (and asking for tips) on how to stay organized with a busy family.  I'd love your input!

Speaking of a busy family, I spent the weekend driving to and from Vancouver to celebrate my best friends birthday.  Dan was single-dad with BB for a whole evening, night, and morning.  Dan requested that I write out specific instructions, which was weird.  Dan likes lists.  They did great!  I got home Sunday and we had a little get together at Dan's former co-worker, Lindsay's.  She hosted a party for BB!  It was lots of fun.


  1. that is the sweetest picture of the two of you. you both look so genuinely happy!

  2. AHHHH!! Could he get any cuter! Seriously adorable family of yours! I miss you Lindsy, I glad all is going well.


  3. Love that pic of you and BB. In the car today Charlie said (out of the blue) "I miss baby bread!"


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