Monday, February 06, 2012

Where the Sidewalk Ends

I shot a music video last weekend for the band!  It was so fun!  They have a song about being stuck in a crappy town and after watching this video....

....we knew that Salton Sea had to be the location for the music video.

However, when we got there, it wasn't so much the post-apocalyptic ghost town we expected.  The video above did not portray at Salton City as it is today.  At least not the parts of it that we found.  What we found were a lot of empty streets named Marine Drive and Beachcomber Avenue and Seagull Circle with a few brand new homes scattered here and there.  We arrived to a hot, boring desert town with the smell of sulfur in the air, the once-bustling Salton Sea lay stagnant as our backdrop.  We found the edge of the suburb where the street literally ends with an "END" sign and set up the gear.  We were all a little disappointed that we never found the 50-year old flooded wrecks that some families once called vacation homes ... but we had fun anyway.  It wasn't what we expected but I am happy with the footage.  I am so excited to see how the video turns out.  Cant wait to share it!

Here are some photos of the site.

We signed the sign.... SHHH!  Dont tell anyone!!!

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  1. This is SO cool! It's a shame you couldn't find the houses. What an interesting place!


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