Saturday, February 04, 2012

Vacation Photos

I am posting a few more vacation photos  (Because I'm SURE you're dying to see more....) and next week Dan will post photos from Salvation Mountain.  

Obsessing over:
- My skin.  It hates winter and I want to have radiant, beautiful skin year round - and forever. So, I've been trying new products thanks to magazines and blogs. And also thanks to bargains on eBay and gift cards I got for Christmas.

Working on:
- Editing a video for Dan's band.

Thinking about:
- The fact that a baby will be moving into the nursery I've been putting together since September.  And trying not to freak out.

- Dan returning from tour, our trip to France, receiving a child.

Listening to:
- Gotye, Sleep for Sleepers, Brand New

Main Street.  Phoenix, AZ.

Su Vino Winery
My sweetie!

Pannikin Coffee Shop. San Diego, CA.


Guy on a scooter, wearing a suit.  RAD.


  1. i am such a huge fan of san diego! also, my skin is not fairing well this winter at all. i would love to hear some tips.

    1. I've been using vitamin E oil at night and it's fantastic! I think it's smoothing out my little wrinkles, too. And Mary Kay's microderm abrasion is a must! And a new lotion I got at Sephora called Mario Bedescu Hydro Moisturizer with Vitamin E has been working out well!


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