Sunday, February 12, 2012

I'm in Love with Baby Bread

This kid is amazing!  He is so silly an giggly.  He is doing so well! He's had a couple of bad nights and a couple of good nights. He's eating twice as much as the internet says he should and he's gaining weight, too!  I am always Googling this or that, making sure I'm treating him right.  It's constant anxiety having a baby.

This kiddo needed an online alias and we have one:  Baby Bread.

This weekend my friends, Ruthy and Rachelle, threw a baby shower for "BB" and it was ahh-mazing!  And just my luck!  We picked this date a month ago and the shower happens to be 3 days after he arrived.  It was perfect.  I cant wait to share about that.

Also, we've had so many visitors and we feel so blessed!  My mom, sisters, and brother came for the whole weekend!  They spoiled him with kisses and presents and constant attention.   


So....Baby Bread is awesome!  I'm in love and I dont care who knows it!


  1. he is so cute!! be prepared you will always have good nights and bad nights, my son is almost 4 and we still have bad and good nights lol :)

  2. ohh the days of googling everything. i remember them all too well. it looks like you're having the best time with baby bread! it must fell so good to see him looking so HAPPY!

  3. What a stylish little lad! So so happy for you guys.


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