Monday, February 13, 2012


Lindsy and I have joked around for a long time that we get so much sleep. We've had flexible job schedules, a year abroad, and NO KIDS.  So, for the past decade we've just slept as much as we wanted. We get more sleep than anyone in their 20's should ever get. I know we are spoiled and that's why we joke around about it.

Well, obviously we had a life changing event recently!  Something that I think might be a challenge is our sleep deprivation. Lindsy has already had to deal with this since we got the little guy last week and I've been on tour. She has told me about the lack of sleep she's had and she sounds so tired on the phone....she is way stronger of a person than I am. I can already feel the bags under my eyes starting to sag just thinking about it. In complete honesty, I am already HIGHLY addicted to coffee. I have know idea what to expect when I add less sleep into the mix. HOWEVER, all complaining and joking aside, I am so excited about this challenge. I feel like one of these nights I should just blog in the middle of the night while I'm trying to get Baby Bread back to sleep, just to see how random and ridiculous my thoughts will be. So all that being said, look forward to a new us! A sleep deprived, loopy, 'not all there' us! This is going to get real interesting....


  1. What as sweetheart! I haven't stopped by in awhile and now you guys have a new life. Congratulations, hope he's a keeper!

    1. A new life is right! WOW! And he is definitely a keeper! I'm in love!


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