Sunday, December 18, 2011

Party Time! Excellent!

Our sort-of annual Christmas party took place on Friday.  My favorite part:  The White Elephant Gift Exchange.  It's always fun to see what people bring.  Dan and I gave an 80s Rock Mix CD, a Jimmy Buffet CD, and a few other random things.  There was, of course, a Shake Weight which has made its rounds through the years of White Elephant Gift Exchanges.  Lucky me, I got it this year!  Also, someone brought a mustache pacifier which Rachelle got and her baby, Audrey, looks so cute in it!  

I love Christmas parties!  Dan and I dont get to have office parties so we like to host for our friends.  I feel like I'm ready for Christmas, save for a few last-minute purchases.  And, my paycheck didn't arrive Friday NOR Saturday so I will be braving the busy stores sometime this week to finishing shopping.  YAY.  Wish me luck!  Oh, and Dan is barfing so let's hope I dont get the flu also.

Our front porch lights!

My paper table runner.

Audrey's mustache pacifier - a great White Elephant Gift.


  1. best white elephant gift exchange ever.

  2. I apologize for the flu. We left early because of Eric barfing... the next night I got it... so Eric sends his apologies.

  3. Oh, I didnt even think about that!!! I wonder if that's how Dan got it....? Oh, well! No worries! He's fine now and I never got it.


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